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We Are What We Eat

Happiness happens not by chance, but by choice. The choices we make every day, impact the lives we lead. In the hustle of today’s world, it’s easy to fall in the traps of poor lifestyle choices. In a world moving towards conscious health choices – eating clean is the key! At Naturewala we believe we are what we eat! With this passion for clean food and eating right Mr. Rakesh Malhotra (Symbiotic Sciences) and Mr. Arjun Sharma (Select Group) set out on the project to provide everyone with food the way nature intended it to be! The zeal and enthusiasm to transform on-going practices and revive food in it’s true form gave rise to a sustainable agri-tech initiative that aims to bring clean farm fresh produce to every table.

Why Us
Cultivating Health & Happiness

Sustainable Agriculture

We use cutting-edge technology to build a sustainable ecosystem where clean agricultural practices enable us to bring clean foods to your table.

Toxic Free

We believe our food is our medicine, and every bite matters. All our produce is tested for and is free from chemicals or toxins.

Nutrient Rich

Food from Naturewala Farms is enriched with higher levels of Calcium, Iron and Vitamins as compared to international standards.

Zero Residue

We nurture every plant with clean and organic ingredients growing them to be chemical and toxic free.


At Naturewala we believe in bringing you food the way nature intended it to be. Thus we only use seeds that are NOT genetically modified.


We believe every table should serve clean food as eating clean helps restore, repair and revitalize your body.

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Every plant at Naturewala Farms is nurtured with care and love. Nutrients are provided to the plant directly at source for optimum uptake.

We provide an ideal growing environment in an eco-system that allows the plants to nurture in optimum conditions.

We use high-class irrigation systems along with cutting edge technology that allows for precise use of water and targeted water supply to the plants. Thus consuming less than 80% of water as compared to open cultivation.

Water remaining from the growth cycles of the plant is recycled through filtration plants and stored for future usage resulting in minimum wastage.

With Leading International Technologies installed at the farm, we monitor and provide plants with ideal growing conditions in terms of moisture and temperature as per their requirement through the growth cycle.

Extensive measures are taken to keep pests out of the growing areas by integrating internationally practiced techniques in to the growing system, making it a robust growing environment for the plant.